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Kunjuvava Vanne Book...

Its Official! Kunjuvava Vanne Paperback version has launched!

We are very excited to announce the title of our first bilingual picture book " Kunjuvava Vanne (Baby has come)". This is a 32-page story for children 4-7 years (or any age). 

This book is about the Valakkappu ceremony, the traditional baby shower ceremony in Kerala.

This vibrant story is set in a traditional Kerala house and showcases numerous cultural elements and ends with a sweet surprise. Also, on the sideline, this story teaches kids how to be patient.

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Meet The Characters

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Cheriyamma (ചെറിയമ്മ) in Malayalam means mother’s younger sister or an aunty who is younger than your mom ( as in father’s younger brother’s wife).
Ammu’s relationship to cheriyamma in this story is the latter.


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Meet Ammu!
She is the main character of our bilingual book Kunjuvava Vanne (Baby has come).
Its Ammu’s first valakkappu ceremony ever and she is very curious about this tradition.

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Thank you all who suggested name for this character.

Available on Amazon.

The book is now available to order in 13 countries on Amazon. Please leave a review after reading the book.

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